Friday, January 31, 2014

Rod Tube Labels

A quick and tidy way to label your rod tubes.

Now that you own more fly rods than your wife owns shoes, you need some way to identify your rod cases more than just a crayon on masking tape.

Custom Fly Rod Crafters offers a very neat and cool peel and stick label for rod tube end caps. You lift the cover flap and simply fill in the blank portion with the rod model, brand, whatever and then you peel off the self adhesive end and smoothly press down on the label. The label diameter is 1-1/2".


  • Lift peel & stick label (bottom half of label)
  • Write your information
  • Remove backing from peel & stick label
  • Press clear label over your specs
  • Apply to your rod tube cap

There you are! Perfectly identified and ready to go.
We recommend using a permanent marker with a fine tip.

Each package of 'Peel & Stick' labels has 6 stickers for $5.99.

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