Thursday, January 23, 2014

On The Go - Quick Rod Repair

How many times have you wished you could fix your broken tip top or replace a broken guide on site?

Well, if you're in a hurry to repair your rod and want to get back on the water fast, this kit uses Flex Coat's Five Minute Epoxy to finish your guides. It is not intended to be a final finish, but will get the job done. Most often your tip top breaks just below the tip top tube and you are missing only 1/2" or so, and you remembered to bring some extra tip tops on your trip and Voila! Even if you break your tip section down to the first guide, you can replace the top and still have a somewhat functional rod. Not the original action, but something to get you through the trip.

Your rod will be ready to fish in a couple of hours as opposed to 24 hours using standard epoxy finishes and this fix will last for years.

You can use this Flex Coat Quick Fix Kit to repair almost anything!

Kit includes:
Tip top adhesive disks (2)
Quick set finish
Mixing sticks and application brushes (2)
Instructions on repairs

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