Friday, January 10, 2014

Kim Wipes

Kim Wipes - what a great invention!

Just the right size for most clean-up projects whether is be cleaning your brushes, wiping off excess glue, or just to clean the area where you are writing on your blank. We use and sell the small size wipes (4.5" x 8.5") and a box holds 280 1-ply sheets. They are LINT FREE which is a wonderful thing when you are trying to keep as much tiny fibers off of your rod build.
 Kim Wipes!

I keep a box on my finishing table and Bob has one where he does his gluing, we both keep a small spray bottle with denatured alcohol which is a excellent cleaning agent to use for epoxy glue/finish. I also use them to clean the ink off my inscription pen nib. The uses are endless and because they are lint free you know there won't be anything to contaminate when you apply your finish.

There are a lot of things I can make do without, but I hate when I run out of my Kim Wipes!
Submitted by Lee W., the rod finish guru...

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