Monday, November 14, 2016

Best Cork Grip Inletting Tool Ever!

Best Cork Grip Inletting Tool Ever!

No kidding, the counterbore bits and pilot system that Custom Fly Rod Crafters use everyday are the easier, quickest and most likely the safest cork grip inletting tools available. Everybody has struggled with putting the proper recess in the back of a cork grip to accept the hood of the uplocking reel seat. Everything from drill bits, to Dremel tools to reversed spade bits; none of these work as well as the counterbore and pilot system.

Since not every reel seat requires the same sized recess in the cork grip, we offer the counterbore bits in four diameters; 3/4", 25/32" (which by the way is the size required for a Lemke LC1 or LC10 reel seat), 13/64" and 7/8". The pilots are sized to fit the counterbores and come in three sizes; 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8", which are the three most common grip bore sizes. This HSS (high speed steel) counterbore bits were designed to go through metal which means that you probably will never dull one using them on cork. We use one of our lathes to make the recesses, but this system can easily be used with a drill motor, although we do recommend a drill stand just the keep everything steady.

Custom Fly Rod Crafters offer the counterbore system as single bits, $49.95 each, or you can purchase the set of four bits for $189.95.
The pilot set is sold a the set of three pilots, $23.95.

These images show how we do the simplest cork inletting:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

EPIC 7'6" 4wt 5pc 'PACKLIGHT' Glass Fly Blanks

EPIC 7'6" 4wt 5pc 'PACKLIGHT' Fly Blanks

Packlight - the super versatile 5pc fiberglass travel blank is now in stock at Custom Fly Rod Crafters!

Head for the hills, answer the call and pack in your favorite adventure stick.
Swift Fly Fishing has taken their amazing 476 blank and reconfigured it as a 5 piece travel rod, now small and compact enough to easily slip down the side of a backpack or rucksack.

Incredibly light. A mere 1.62 ounces (46 grams)
Incredibly convenient. Only 19.5 inches (495 mm)
Incredibly tough. Made from fully unidirectional S2 Fastglass

Looking for a shorter blank to fish in tight confined creeks but still want the backbone and pulling power of a much larger rod? - the 476 is the deal.
The Epic™ 476 Packlite is crafted from Unidirectional S2 Glass, this material is stiffer and stronger than e-glass or standard s-glass. The 476 Packlight is a powerful and extremely accurate fly rod blank.

$399.00 with Free shipping in USA only! Limited stock - Buy Now!

Color: Tangerine Dream
Recommended Line Weight: 4wt
Length: 7'6"
Pieces: 5

FREE: 5pc Custom embroidered 'Epic' rod bag with each blank.

FREE: Aluminum rod tube with each blank.

Monday, August 15, 2016

SAGE X Blanks Have Arrived!

The new SAGE X blanks are in stock at Custom Fly Rod Crafters.

Sage X Blank "Command The Water"
KonneticHD, Fast action.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. (June 15, 2016)-Renowned fly rod manufacturer Sage presents its newest pinnacle fly rod series - The X Rod.
Using KonnecticHD Technology®, these fast-action fly rods create tighter loops to ensure better accuracy, efficiency, and line control with every cast.

“By optimizing our graphite-to-resin ratio, we’ve created a higher density (HD) fiber composite resulting in lighter, stronger blanks to deliver
unmatched recovery, energy transfer, and line/loop control,” said Sage chief rod designer Jerry Siem.

The new taper delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip-top, allowing anglers to dig deeper into the rod and access more of the lower sections
of the blank, shifting power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral and medial movement and vibrations in the blank also result in more accurate
and efficient presentations refining the synergy between angler, rod, line, and fly.

Tighter loops. It's what we all strive for. A tight loop is accurate, efficient, easily controlled, and a way to command the water in front of you.

  • All water type fly rod
  • Fast action
  • KonneticHDTechnology
  • Black Spruce shaft color
  • 4pc blank configuration
Each Sage X blank comes with an Aluminum Rod Tube and a Sage Custom
Embroidered rod bag. The tube is labeled with a Sage factory decal.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

New Cork Grips

New Cork Grips

Now in stock, the popular 'Snub' nose grip and a new 'Slim' Full Wells grip; both are Super Grade cork. The Snub nose was made popular by Sage in their Sage One series of fly rods. Our new 'Slim' full wells is perfectly fitted for 4 to 6wt rods.

Snub Nose Grip

The 'Snub' nose grip is a standard 6-1/2" long and the 'Slim' full wells is 7" long.

Slim Full Wells

Several different recesses are available. Check them out at Custom Fly Rod Crafters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Classic Sage Fly Blank Sale!

Classic Sage Fly Blank Sale!

Custom Fly Rod Crafters found a stash of Classic Sage RPLXi, Xi2 and Xi3 blanks. We have them on sale at a full 50% discount and they are going fast!

The sale is limited to the stock on hand and when they're gone, they're gone. Here is a chance to pick up a fantastic Saltwater fly rod blank at 50% off the retail price.

Ranging from a 9'0" 5wt 3pc RPLXi to a whopper 8'0" 14wt 4pc Xi2; these blanks still retain the factory lifetime warranty from Sage.

Shop now and don't hesitate. For he who hesitates is lost.... well okay, not lost exactly but don't take the chance having to kick yourself!

Friday, May 6, 2016

F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour 2016

F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour 2016

New Mexico Trout's Annual F3T 'Fly Fishing Film Tour' will be held at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center on Thursday May 12th, 2016. Doors open at 5:00PM and the show starts at 6:30PM. Door prizes, raffles, finger foods and an 'Open Bar'.

Advanced tickets are $20 for NM Trout members, $25 for non-members and $30 at the door! You can purchase your tickets at Los Pinos Fly Shop, Charlie's Sporting Goods or online at:

The MAIN raffle item at the F3T will be a custom Sage ONE 9'0" 5wt 4pc built by Bob & Lee of Los Pinos Custom Rods; valued at $900.00!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Swift Fly Fishing Converting Epic 3pc to 4pc

Swift Fly Fishing Converting Epic Fiberglass 3pc Fly Blanks to 4pc

New Zealand based Swift Fly Fishing are now converting their Epic fiberglass fly blanks from 3pc to 4pc models. The 4pc blanks are still super smooth and you won't be able to tell the difference in the cast with the added benefit of being able to put these rods in just about any rod carrying case.

Custom Fly Rod Crafters have received our initial order of 4pc models and are offering 5 different colors; Amber, Nude, Olive, Salsa and So Blue. The lengths and line weights are the same starting at the 7'6" 4wt to the 8'6" 6wt. The 7'6" 3wt will only be available in the Moca color.

The blanks are still made with the Unidirectional S2 fiberglass which is stronger and lighter than the E-Glass or the S-Glass. These are the new 'Fast' glass blanks.

CONVENIENCE; even the 8'6" 4pc in a rod tube only measures out at 28".

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Addition to Lemke Concepts Reel Seat Line

Addition to Lemke Concepts Reel Seat Line

CFRC now has the smaller version of the Lemke LC1 called the LC2.

The little brother is identical in design and function but is .595 in diameter versus the .640 for the LC1.

Available in Dark Nickel or Bright Nickel finishes and both are in the uplocking design.

LC2 Skeleton Uplocking Seats

Also check out the fancy burl inserts for the LC2 skeleton seats:

Amboyna Burl

Maple Burl

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Custom Builder Bulk Packs

Custom Builder Bulk Packs

Custom Fly Rod Crafters has added a new category in our website:

or as we call it, THE BULK ZONE!

This category is for the active home rod builder
or the small business oriented custom builder.
100 piece bulk sales in chrome snake guides which
includes a secure storage box. Separate refill 25 packs
of the 6 most popular snake guide sizes is also available.
Free shipping on the snake guide bulk pack with container
and the refill packs.

Save about 20% and get FREE ground shipping in the US.
We will be adding more components soon, so check back and add "New Products" to your RSS feeds.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Snake Brand Universal Guide Sets

Snake Brand Universal Guide Sets

CFRC is now offering Snake Brand Universal fly rod guides in sets. The sets cover from 7'6" 3wt to 9'0" 6wt and include not only the matching stripping guide but a hook keeper as well. These guide sets take the guesswork out of trying to decide how many and which sizes you need. From years of custom rod building experience, we have put together the appropriate guide spacing and guide sizes. Of course, as always, if you want to substitute any particular size of guide, we are more than happy to accommodate you. After all, it's your custom build and you get to make some decisions after all.

The Snake Brand Universal guide sets are available in either Chrome or Dark Nickel finishes. The stripping guide that we matched is the NCRLC or the NTRLC strippers with nanolite rings. A perfect match for style and color.

As with all our guide sets, there is FREE ground shipping in the USA, saving you $6.95!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Additions to St. Croix Blanks

New Additions to our St. Croix Blanks

We have expanded our St. Croix Avid (SCIII) and the Imperial (SCIV/SCII) series to include lighter line weights.

The Avid blanks now list 2 and 3wt models in the 4pc. This series of blanks offer an advanced, high modulus/high-strain graphite fiber. The modulus is between SCIV and SCII which produces rods that are super sensitive and lightweight with great durability. A fine choice if you are a serious angler who demands high-performance and value. Blank color is a beautiful Canteen Green Pearl.
Prices start at :$160.00.

In the Imperial line we now include a 2wt in 6'0" length and a 3wt in 6'6" length. These blanks are a dynamic blend of high-modulus/high strain SCIV graphite and premium-quality SCII graphite. Still lightweight, and off a medium-fast action, designed for maximum performance and value. Blank color is a rich gloss burgundy. Prices start at $110.00.

St. Croix blanks offer a Lifetime Guarantee

Friday, January 22, 2016

New Additions

Custom Fly Rod Crafters has several new arrivals in our Ultra Light Grip and Reel Seat categories.

Our new All-In-One ultra light cork grip has an integrated western style cork grip with nickel plated slide band reel seat with cork insert. It is a perfect compliment to your next ultra light custom build. We spent a lot of time searching and finally found a source for this excellent grip/reel seat combination. This grip/reel seat combo weighs only 1 oz.

Super grade cork with an overall length of 10 inches. The western style grip is 6.5" long and the reel seat is 3.5". The cap and ring are nickle plated and has the classic knurling.
Super value reasonably priced at $28.95.

Another new addition to our reel seat category is our nickel silver slide band reel seat with exotic burl redwood. Classic styling cap and slide band with matching cork check. Priced only at $34.95.

Also we have in stock our ultra light slide band in anodized aluminum. Insert choices of super grade cork or exotic redwood burl. Hardware choices are either clear or black. These seats are a perfect match to any ultra light custom fly rod. Priced at $24.95.

The cork insert slide band reel seat weighs only .2oz! The wood model weighs .4oz!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ultra-light Slide Band Reel Seats

Ultra-light Slide Band Reel Seats

Custom Fly Rod Crafters now have super ultra-light aluminum slide band reel seats in stock. Choose from either black or clear anodized aluminum parts and choose either a gorgeous burl wood (weighs only .4oz) or super select cork insert (weighs only .2oz).

Reasonably priced at $24.95 and these seats are a perfect fit for your super lightweight custom build.

Ultra-Light Wood Slide Band Reel Seat

Ultra-Light Cork Slide Band Reel Seat

Specifications on both seats:
Butt cap OD .710
Overall length: 3-1/4" long
Bore: 5/16" (.313)

Check them out at Custom Fly Rod Crafters