Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sage 'GRACE' blanks

CFRC now has in stock the new Sage 'GRACE' blanks.

"Improving quality of life for women with breast cancer".

"Not just surviving, thriving - go fly fishing!"

The GRACE blank is the next generation pink blank offering from Sage and is available exclusively in a 4 piece, 8’6", 5 weight model.


  • Fast action with a soft feel
  • Pink iridescent blank
  • Priced at: $247.50
Each Sage Grace blank comes with an Aluminum Rod Tube and Cloth Rod Bag.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Portuguese Extra Super Fine Cork Rings

Portuguese Extra Super Fine Cork Rings

Custom Fly Rod Crafters has a very good stock level of 'Extra Super Fine' cork rings. These are the very best we can find and as you are aware there are many 'Flor Plus', 'Super-Duper', 'Mom's Very Best' rings out there but they are not what is described.

CFRC's description is what we do, we take the extra time to select the very best rings. We use these rings on our custom builds and rarely do we even consider filling. Yes, they cost more but there is less work for the rod builder and when you consider the overall cost of your custom build, the cork rings which we consider a major component, don't add much to the final cost.

Do yourself a favor, your next custom build deserves the very best cork!