Monday, January 6, 2014

Flex Coat Epoxy Finish Pumps

For years rod builders have struggled with measuring the right amount of epoxy rod finish, using syringes or guessing on how much finish is in the mixing cup. Perfect for the prolific rod builder and even for the occasional hobbyist, these rod finish pumps measure exactly 1/2 cc per stroke. And you do not have to clean any finish from the pumps like you do with syringes; there is no fuss no muss!

The set comes with two pumps and are long enough to be used by any size of finish container as long as the top fits. They can be used with any Flex Coat rod finish sized in 2, 4 or the 16 oz. finish bottles, although we recommend using the larger containers as the smaller 2oz. bottles won't stand up on their own with the pumps, whereas the 4oz. bottles are perfect. Depending on the size of epoxy finish you're using, you simple cut the pump stem to fit.

Direct link to CFRC; Flex Coat Pumps

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