Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rod Finish Brush Cleaning

Here is a short video on how to clean your epoxy rod finish brush. If your brush is not cleaned thoroughly, the epoxy will harden in the bristles and will ruin it.

The tips shown will work for sable and acrylic or synthetic brushes. In the past, we used lacquer thinner or other harsh chemical cleaners that worked for cleaning but really shortened the life of our finishing brushes. After switching over to Flex Coat Epoxy Brush Cleaner, we don't use as many brushes as they last at least 4 times longer. The cleaner is somewhat thick as compared to a thinner and it doesn't evaporate over time. Another side benefit is that it's odorless unlike lacquer thinner which over extended periods of time may be harmful.

We hope this helped and thanks for watching. We will be producing these 'shorties' covering all sorts of tips and techniques.

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