Friday, February 14, 2014

Rod Building Magnifiers

SlimVision Readers

Helping the visually challenged rod wrappers....

Custom rod building gets better with experience and age but vision doesn't. I'm farsighted and after years of straining to see the wraps and trims, I was a bit frustrated with my vision limits. Thank goodness for reading glasses, magnifying lenses, and prescription bifocals. 

Me, I opted for the simpler method of just using SlimVision readers by Fisherman Eyewear for all my close work.  I wear prescription eyeglasses and I like the idea of wearing glasses as I'm always working around the grinders and lathes and I don't give wearing 'safety' goggles a second thought. But when I'm at the rod wrapping bench, I use my magnifying reading glasses to really see well down to the individual thread wraps.

There are a number of magnifiers on the market but these reading glasses are lightweight, inexpensive and are perfect for 'on the bench'. Custom Fly Rod Crafters are offering three diopter (magnifying or optical power) sizes: +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00. These are the most common sizes that are sold and they are very inexpensive at $11.99 and they come with a nice little carrying case.

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