Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Repairing A Cracked Cork Grip

Repairing A Cracked Cork Grip

Sometimes whether it's your fault or simply a minor defect in the cork itself, you end up with a crack in your grip. If the grip is not properly reamed to fit the blank, the pressure from forcing the cork down onto the blank may crack the cork. Most of time this crack follows a natural defect in the cork. Here is a simple fix for a grip that is cracked but not entirely broken.

As you can see this is a crack along the front of this full wells grip.

Step One: Using some kind of arbor (we use a tapered ring sizer); spread the crack just enough to get some epoxy adhesive inside the crack.

Step Two: Force some epoxy into the crack by using a thread pick or bodkin or something similar.

Step Three: Squeeze the excess glue from the crack and clean with a clean wipe. We use denatured alcohol to clean any type of epoxy adhesive before it sets.

Step Four: Using tape to keep the crack closed, place aside until the epoxy has cured completely. Even if you use 5-minute, let it set for at least 1 hour. Obviously, slow set will take 8 to 12 hours.

Step Five: Check to make sure your crack is closed and the glue is completely cured.

Step Six: Sand the repaired area and there you go; a repaired cork grip. You just saved yourself at least $20!

Follow these same steps if your grip has a broken or cracked hood where the reel seat fits into the cork grip. If your grip is broken, then it most likely a ring needs to be replaced or the entire grip needs to be replaced.

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