Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cork & Handle Kits

Cork & Handle Kits

These cork/handle kits make the decision of which parts go with each other much easier for the novice rod builder. The grip is matched to the reel seat hardware and comes the appropriate recess for the uplocking reel seat.

Custom Fly Rod Crafters offer two choices in the freshwater kits and two choices in the saltwater versions. The freshwater kits come with a western style grip and has several sizes of winding checks to complete the transition from cork to blank. The saltwater kits come with full wells grips, saltwater safe reel seats and a cork fighting butt, also with several winding checks.
Premium freshwater handle kit
Nickel chrome reel seat w/wood insert
Premium saltwater handle kit
All metal saltwater-safe reel seat w/fighting butt

These cork/handle kits come un-assembled. Prices start at $25.95.

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