Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tying The Pitzen Knot

This is a very well done and concise short video on tying the Pitzen knot.

The Pitzen knot made popular by Edgar Pitzenbauer of Germany is easy to tie with not a lot of practice, and gives a knot that retains 95-100% of the tippet's rated strength as opposed to 85% for an improved clinch knot. 

The Pitzen knot is also more compact by about 40% and allows a neat knot between the tippet and hook and is often a favorite choice by tailwater fishermen who typically use very small flies. It also allows a very nice presentation of the fly without the larger sized knot such as the improved clinch knot.

Bill Frangos of New Mexico Trout demonstrates the Pitzen knot for tying small flies to a leader.

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